MixPro ProTools Basic Rock Template

MIXPRO MIX TEMPLATES for Pro Tools - Basic Rock

Professional pre-engineered and pre-mixed Basic-Rock Pro Tools session file.

A professional pre-engineered and pre-mixed Basic-Rock Pro Tools session file.

How to get that punchy base drum... those killer rythm guitars... not everyone can be a sound
engineer, but this doesn't mean you can't get amazing results even without going to a
professional mixing studio... This is where MIXPRO Basic-Rock provides an amazing
pre-arranged mix template that will give you that professional starting point for your mix!

You recorded your song and now have all your files and channels ready for mix... now the
question is... how to mix? what comes first? which plug-ins should I use? how to use them? in
what order? Learning how to mix will take you a very long time and you will need guidance and

With MIXPRO Basic-Rock, You get a full project ready with a veriety of channels, all
pre-arranged and prepared with the appropriate plug-ins, EQs, compressors, limiters,
effects, groups and more. These have been engineered by professionals all offered here by us.

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